Shogayaki is a quick and easy pork & ginger stir-fry that is great for lunch! Pork is briefly marinated in grated ginger and soy sauce then cooked quickly with vegetables. It is served with shredded cabbage and a bowl of rice, just like the teishoku-style lunches in Japan! Hope you give it a try at home!

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Ingredients 1-2 servings:

200-300g/7-10 oz of thinly sliced pork
1 knob of ginger
2-3 cloves of garlic
1 small onion
2 eringi mushrooms (5-6 button mushrooms)
2 tbsps of soy sauce
2 tbsps of sake
1 tbsp of mirin
2 tsp of sesame oil
Black pepper

1 tbsp of oyster sauce
1 tbsp of sake
1 tomato
Japanese Mayo
Sesame seeds

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