Oyakodon (*Oyako = parents and child. *Don= donburi = rice bowl) is one of the classic rice bowl dish of Japan. It’s simple and easy to make, but if you look for an ultimate level, there are few good tips to remember. Let me show you how to cook like a pro!!!


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-What is kombu?
-Which brand of soy sauce should I buy?
-Is there any substitute of sake, mirin, kombu?
-How much dashi powder should I use?
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Q:What is your frying pan?
A: The brand is “Pro cooker”
Please search “Pro cooker pan”


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0:00 Prepare ingredients
1:35 Prepare the sauce
2:10 Cooking part (1/2)
3:13 Cooking Part (2/2)


[Ingredients 1 Serves]

-Chicken thigh 150g
-Onion 1/2 each (60g)
-Ginger (peeled) 5g
-Egg 2 each

-Water 50ml
-Sugar 1tsp (5g)
-Soy sauce 4tsp (20ml)
-Sake 2tsp (10ml)
-Mirin 1tsp (5ml)
-Kombu (dry kelp) 1g


Ingredients (OUNCE version):


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