Episode 68
Namaste, We are Shirish and Pooja
and Welcome to a Spiny Gourd Special Episode of @RedSoilStories
In this episode we are going to see different recipes of Spiny Gourd ( करटुलं / कंटोळी / फागलं ).
Today Pooja had gone to our neighboring village which is a village in the hills to collect spiny gourds ( करटुलं / कंटोळी / फागलं ). It was quiet a hike for her to go and collect these jungle vegetable (रानभाजी). Spiny gourd is a very healthy vegetable which is beneficial for heart, diabetes, blood purification etc.
It has a unique taste and it is a seasonal harvest.
Pooja collected a basketful of Spiny Gourds and returned home.
She started preparing for the lunch, first she started preparing the spiny gourd stir fry which was made by frying some mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafetida then sautéing onion and turmeric powder and the added the sliced spiny gourds. This Spiny gourd sabji can be eaten with rice and daal. For second recipe stuffed spiny gourd she prepared a stuffing of Crushed Penuts, Grated dried coconut, red chili powder, coriander powder etc, made a paste of it and stuffed in the spiny gourd. These stuffed spiny gourds are the cooked in a onion-tomato curry which turned into a delicious stuffed spiny gourd recipe.
For the third recipe Pooja cut the spiny gourds in the rings added some gram flour ( besan ), rice flour few spices and fried these fritters into the oil.
It was a Spiny gourd feast for the lunch, we enjoyed the lunch together.
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00:00 – Intro
01:30 – Collecting Spiny Gourd
04:45 – Cleaning Spiny Gourd
06:00 – Preparing Spiny gourd stir fry
08:20- Preparing Stuffed Spiny gourd
13:32 – Preparing Spiny gourd fritters
15:35 – Lunch

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