Mango pomelo sago is one of the most popular Cantonese desserts. In Chinese it’s called 楊枝甘露 and I always thought it was a complicated dessert because of it’s fancy sounding name. Little did I know it’s just very good PR and it’s SUPER EASY to make. If you get a bowl from a dessert store that’s like $7-8 dollars. But for the same price, I can make 4 bowls at home. *cheap asian*







Serves 4

4pcs mango
4 pcs pomelo
80 g sago
160 ml coconut milk
160 ml evaporated milk
160 ml water
45 g sugar

Methods for making Mango Pomelo Sago:
1. Cook sago in boiling water until it turns to be transparent and soak in cold water for a few minutes. Then store it in refrigerator.
2. Add sugar, milk and coconut milk into water and boil it until sugar is dissolved. Place in refrigerator when cool.
3. Slice off the top of the pomelo. Make vertical slits along the sides of the pomelo. Using your hand, peel off the skin working from the top to bottom. Peel away the white membrane from 3 wedges of pomelo and remove the pomelo sacs. Loosen the pomelo sacs and set aside.
4. Reserve half of the cubed mango and set aside for use as toppings for the dessert. Blend the rest of the mango into smoothie.
5. Mix mango smoothie, pomelo sacs and sago into coconut milk.
6. Chill in refrigerator 1-2 hours for better taste and serve. Add mango cubes on top for garnishing.



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Mango Pomelo Sago – The Perfect Summer Hong Kong Dessert 楊枝甘露